It's Better than Summer Camp

It's Adventure Camp

Positive Adventures is more excited than ever for a summer of outdoor adventure, learning, and fun. Our summer adventure camp is 100% outdoors, with campers experiencing a new and challenging adventure each day.  With five different field trips throughout the week, campers will create experiences to remember!

We strive to inspire in all of our campers

with a love for the outdoors.


Mission Bay

Rock Climbing

Mission Trails

Kayaking & Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Mission Bay

Surfing & Sand Castle Build Competition

Mission Beach

Beach Adventure Day

La Jolla Shores


Each day of our camp is focused on a unique outdoor adventure

All that is required is a mindset to try new things, and the ability to overcome obstacles and fears. Each of our daily adventures is designed for campers with all different levels of experience and athletic ability. Our promise is that each camper will return home with a smile on their face after fun, rewarding experiences on land and in water.

Our Summer Camp Programs

are built on 4 key principles:

Challenge by Choice

Campers can choose their own level of risk-taking and will be supported by our staff and fellow campers to go beyond what they ever thought possible.

Take a Break from Technology

Getting outside into nature and away from technology will reduce stress, spawn creativity, and enhance happiness. It’s scientifically proven!

Build Community

Make new friends, feel a sense of belonging, and accept people for all of their unique, wonderful qualities.

Foster Emotional Intelligence

Self-Awareness, Emotional Regulation, Empathy, Personal Motivation, and Social Skills will be learned and practiced at camp.

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-"The counselors were attentive, "real," and appropriately challenged the campers in both activities and behavior."

- Jen S., Mother

-"I got to be brave and stepping outside of my comfort zone and "being confident in myself"

- Jonas, Age 11

"He something he would have never tried - rock climbing - he felt so proud and accomplished and said it was the scariest thing he's ever adventured into but he felt so good"

-Annaclelia, Mother

-"For Jessica, it was great fun and a sense of belonging in a group, feeling a connection with fellow campers. I am pleased she enjoyed five days of adventure camp sans electronic devices."

-Olivia, Mother

-"The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and I loved getting all the daily updates and reminders for the next day"

-Karen, Mother

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